International Journal of Social Policy & Education

ISSN 2689-4998 (print), 2689-5013 (online)

Vol. 3, No. 11, November 2021

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Dr Julianne Law.

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Investigating the Attitudes of Pre-Service Early Childhood Educators Concerning Their Attitudes toward Physical Activity in the Early Years

Becky Billups MED & Donna McCrary PhD

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Teaching with Challenging Texts: Three Interventions to Enhance The Understanding of Social Studies Texts

Barbara L. Govendo & Gail Cahill

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“Living a Good Life”: The Crisis in Education for Canadian Indigenous Peoples

Hatt, Blaine & McCullough, Karey

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Curriculum Inquiry: Untangle, Include, & Start Early Stop Reifying and Start Reshaping Elementary School Curriculum

David Goldberg & Greg Knotts

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Impact of a School-based, Social-Emotional, and Character Development Program

Tara Urban, MAT & Kimberly Wilson, PhD, CCC-SLP

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An Investigation of Student Perceptions of Community of Inquiry Presences in Community College Online Education and General Education Courses: A Descriptive Study

Carol Billing & Allen Kitchel

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