International Journal of Social Policy & Education

ISSN 2689-4998 (print), 2689-5013 (online)

DOI: 10.61494/ijspe

The Illinois State Budget, Homelessness, and COVID-19 Part 1: A Review of Relevant Literature

Willie W. Jackson Jr., PhD; Jennifer Anderson, PhD & Amzie Moore, PhD


The purpose of this paper was to address the impact of the Illinois state budget on homelessness service providers as they navigate budgetary problems associated with COVID-19, which were compounded by budgetary issues brought on by the 2015 Illinois State Budget Impasse. A longitudinal case study was conducted to examine problems, solutions, and strategies over two quadrennial periods, ranging from fiscal year 2015 to fiscal year 2022. Data sources included a review of relevant literature, interview data, and observational data. Findings from these data are shared across two articles. Part 1 is the review of relevant literature. Findings suggest that service providers and community leaders need to be more involved in political advocacy work, while also collaborating with other organizations in the community to quickly resolve budgetary issues that impede equitable access to vaccinations, and as means to help shelter seekers navigate congregate infrastructures so that they can safely